Oyun Epic mage


Epic mage

Dosya Boyutu: 15.51 MB
Eklenme Tarihi: 2016-03-20
Değerlendirme: 82%
Oynatılma Sayısı: 532

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Açıklama: a new game by k2t2 and oyun-online site , a mage have to fight throw everything to free the world from evil power , same evil power who hire him and fool him to destroy the world !!! you just woke up you have no idea who you are , an old man as evil face telling you the story bout who you are and he miss leading you to fight all good creatures to made his goal in destroying the world , it's basally a flying shorting game when you fight throw the game stages and you upgrade your power to achieve your main goal , the game is short and fun been created by 1 programmer and 1 designer .